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Reddam House maintains strong ties with its alumni. We are always interested to receive news of ex-pupils and encourage everyone to keep in touch. This page serves as a platform for our alumni to keep up to date with Reddam House Umhlanga news and events, and also to reconnect with one another. If you have not already done so, please register with us by completing the required information on the link provided. 

Alumni Highlights


From left to right: Kaige Bertasso, Calvin Gardiner, Keenan Christy, Jaret Reddy, Michela Rossiter, Mikayla Brown, Aidan Hill

From one classroom to so many different paths since they left school! Here is what some of the  Matric 2017 have been up to:

Kaige has been working hard on his tennis game, training to enter the tennis pro circuit in Europe next year. Jaret is studying Law at the University of KwaZulu Natal. Mykaila is studying for her degree in Teaching at Varsity College in Durban. Aidan took a gap year during which he followed a Yacht Master Course in Durban and Cape Town and travelled to Denmark, Sweden, Dubai and finally Spain, where he worked on yachts as a deckhand. He is currently working in Durban in his family business, taking over from his father in the management of the company. Michela is studying psychology and philosophy at the University of Cape Town, in the faculty of Social Sciences. And some people never completely left the Reddam House Umhlanga grounds! Calvin and Keenan have been working as sports coaches in the Senior Primary school. They will both leave next year, Calvin to Stellenbosch University and Keenan to the USA.

From their own voice


We asked the Alumni to capture in a few words any thoughts that came to mind during their visit. This is what they had to say:

“I love to still be part of Reddam House Umhlanga as a sports coach. I have learned a lot about myself through working and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds” (Calvin Gardiner)

“I became more responsible since I left school! I miss RHU, teachers and friends” (Jaret Reddy)

“My motto will always be: Never give up!” (Kaige Bertasso)

“I will always be grateful for my experience at RHU because it shaped me into what I am today and because I benefit academically from what I have acquired here” (Mikayla Brown)

“Ms Lourens was right. University is `hectic`. Matric was `hectic-er`” (Michela Rossiter)

“I miss the hours of school because working hours are way too long!” (Aidan Hill)

“School was great, but a long holiday was better! Thanks hey, have a good one!” (Keenan Christy)


Alumni Day 2018

Valedictory Ceremony 2018

Last Day of School 2018

Soon our second Matric group will join you as fellow Alumni. We wish them all the best for their Examinations!



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