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2 to 6 years (STAGE 2 to STAGE 5)

"Reddam House Umhlanga Early Learning School provides a stimulating and exciting environment in which to learn. Our teachers are nurturing and empathetic and ensure we cater to each child’s needs, providing support and guidance in all the areas of learning. Our aim is to provide a sound foundation on which a child can build and become all that they can be. We encourage our children to be thoughtful, respectful, passionate and creative in all that they do. Our magnificent campus and facilities encourage our children to explore, investigate, create and build on their learning in a secure and happy space.
Our curriculum continues to unfold around the children’s interests and priority is given to ensuring we help each child celebrate their uniqueness.

We welcome applications for children aged 2 to 6 years."

Paula Algar, Early Learning School Headmistress

From the outset, our Reddam House Early Learning School is influenced by the unique Reggio Emilia approach, recognising and celebrating each child’s innate abilities and gifts. We regard children as competent and capable, and respect childhood as a time to explore, create and be joyful whilst learning. Our Early Learning School environment and teachers also support the Reggio Emilia philosophy.


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